VUELTA – Evolutionary Innovation for High-End Furniture

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Starting from December 2022, S2 SPA initiated the project titled “VUELTA – Evolutionary Innovation for High-End Furniture,” co-financed by the Marche Region within the framework of the POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – AXIS 1 – ACTION 1.3 – INTERVENTION 1.3.1 – “Promoting corporate innovation processes and the use of new digital technologies” – TECHNOLOGICAL AND DIGITAL TRANSITION OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND ORGANIZATION, and by funds from the PR FESR MARCHE 2021-2027, Axis 1, OS 1.2, Action 1.2.1, Intervention

The VUELTA project aims to continue the digital transition path that S2 SPA has been undertaking for several years. This involves adopting innovative solutions and reorganizing various business processes and contexts. Simultaneously, it seeks to enhance S2’s competitive positioning in its target markets and explore potential new ones.

VUELTA is structured around 8 distinct actions/integrations of innovative technologies, whose combined implementation will have positive effects on various business processes. This will ensure a beneficial and cross-cutting impact on the overall improvement and enhancement of the quality of business operations, both internally and externally, with a primary focus on S2 Spa’s customers.

In detail, the 8 actions are as follows:

Action #1 – Advanced and Collaborative Robotics
Action #2: Rapid Prototyping
Action #3: Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Solutions
Action #4: Digital Supply Chain Optimization Solutions
Action #5: Big Data and Analytics
Action #6: Technology Solutions for Business Process Management and Coordination with high integration capabilities
Action #7: Human-Machine Interface
Action #8: Vertical and Horizontal Integration

The successful achievement of expected outcomes in each of these actions will enable S2 to benefit from the opportunities presented by the digital transition. This will help increase its competitiveness and enhance its positioning in target markets.

Total investment cost: €229,477.08, of which €108,686.77 is contributed by FESR funding from the Marche Region.