Devoted to excellence, since 1973.

S2 Spa translates visionary interiors into master creations designed to extend beyond every expectation, all over the world.

S2 Spa is a leading furniture manufacturer and a high-end interiors contractor

For almost 50 years S2 stayed true to excellence by engineering, manufacturing and installing some of the world’s finest luxury interiors and furniture, with the unique Italian attention to detail.

Born and bred in Italy, we deliver results which meet the most demanding client expectations.


The materials



The process


Craftsmanship meets technology

Being able to combine craftsmanship passion and skills with breakthrough technology, we are now proud of creating stunning pieces of furniture, an outstanding fit out installation, the perfection of a luxury yacht interior.

Our craftsmen are the custodian of Luxury, ancient mastery, knowledge and ultimately quality. That of the perfect combination of rich timbers, precious hides, perfectly shaped metals, accurately carved marble. We get to the next level thanks to our production lines with state of the art machines that can perform cost effective high quality edge banding, jointing and fine finishing.

With this background we everyday work for flexibility which is quintessential in today’s fast changing world. 

Unmatched possibilities, delivered

Throughout the years, we have upgraded our state of the art industrial plant now capable of satisfying even the most demanding project, matching a flexible production capacity with the finest craftsmanship of our Italian artisans.


Square meters of industrial facility


Integrated production and design units


Highly-committed, qualified employees


Qualified and highly-trained engineers

The fit out leaders world’s renowned brands rely on

We combine state of the art engineering with flawless installation, no matter the location. 

Our project engineers have specific competencies in each sector we operate in, ranging from luxury residences through ultimate yachts, 5 star plus hospitality, high-end retail, car dealerships and public spaces, to aviation showrooms. 

That’s why we have been put in charge of increasingly complex projects and installations including flooring, ceiling and cladding, integrating several other trades.

The trusted partners of the most demanding brands in the world

We partner with the most renowned brands in the hi-end furniture market for the manufacturing of world’s class high-scale fitted and freestanding furniture. Thanks to the outstanding production capacity, we can take on jobs of any size.

Most of the production phases are internal, including all the surface finish applications that are increasingly important for an outstanding appearance.

Bespoke work-of-arts, the Italian way

Luxury furniture is often a work of art tailored to individual requirements through expert craftsmanship. Bespoke is our ultimate personalized service dedicated to delivering artisanal excellence and one-of-a-kind creations. Luxury yachts are the highest expression of this production, requiring the utmost precision and care of detail, as well as the fulfilling of the highest quality standards.

S2 offers both
high-volume and
job-shop manufacturing processes for sampling, small batches and bespoke productions

Over the years, we integrated the job-shop process to our main production lines, thus becoming one of the very few European manufacturers that high-end firms can rely on start-to-finish, both for mock-ups and for high-volume manufacturing .