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We gather the most brilliant minds and the finest artisans in Italy, giving everyone the trust and the tools to be masters of their craft

We house more than 200 employees who constantly challenge us in pursuit of the most brilliant solutions so that our Clients success is their success too. If that is what you are looking for, we are looking for you as well.

Please choose the role of your interest among the currently open positions at S2 Spa

Human value above all else, with constant training programs and close collaborations with prestigious Universities in Italy.

We strongly believe that human resources are the first and foremost asset of any company: this is especially true for a company like S2 which regards quality and commitment as the most important values.

We dedicate a great deal of our R&D time to meetings and partnerships with renowned Universities with the aim of developing applied research programs on technology and materials. This allows us to establish a cutting-edge pipeline that results in great added value for the client and the end-user