The process

S2 is a process-driven company providing a versatile approach to interiors manufacturing

At S2 we see the process as an integration of all the steps from the initial project draft to its realization or installation. No matter the development stage of your process, we can actively fit in and provide our expertise in all the steps to be.



  • R&D
    • Applied research on existing materials to enhance their functionality
    • Development of new technical solutions on innovative materials
  • Engineering
    • Value analysis on existing products
    • Value engineering on new projects
    • Industry specific skills (yacht, residential, commercial, hi-tech integration)
    • Synergic liaise with designers
    • Integration with manufacturing for max productivity


  • Articulated supply chain to tackle any challenge
  • Control and integration of the supply chain
  • The most critical and delicate production phases are internalized
  • ERP management of the processes
  • Bespoke manufacturing as standard
  • Fast turn around time to meet market requirement
  • One off manufacturing integrated with industrial processes


  • Project management as general contractor if so required
  • Maximum integration of processes
  • Worldwide network of professional installers
  • Projects management through BIM
  • Fast turn around time
  • Warranty of a flawless installation
  • Refitting and servicing on the spot

Engineered to perfection, from the very beginning

The vast array of technical solutions and finishes we propose on a project is something that guides the designer through the further steps of the development, that’s why we partner with some of the most recognized architects in the world to assure the correct feasibility of the fit out.  

Our clients come to us for different reasons. Some want to value engineer their design, some others are seeking creative engineering inputs, some others again need to fully develop their projects. No matter what the requirement is, our R&D department of 28 qualified engineers can take over projects of any size, in the furniture, FF&E and fit-out world. As you might imagine, architects and designers appreciate the synergic collaboration with our R&D team.

A complete manufacturing hub in the heart of Italy

The same attention to detail we put into our creations characterize our manufacturing organization, where nothing is left to chance. Thanks to the advanced ERP, our manufacturing organization allows us to manage highly complex products with a fluctuating order pattern.

The increasingly high complexity of the product involves different production through times depending on the nature of single components. The correct production flow management allows us to minimize the lead time, a must do on the market.

The production chain integration, implying the certification of each link and a strict quality control of every integration point, is crucial to minimize non compliances of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.

At S2 the human factor has an important role at each step of the process, creating a great added value for our clients.

Timely delivery and flawless installation, inside and out

Meeting delivery times and installation practices are essential elements to our sector, still maximizing the whole process efficiency. For this reason, we have learnt to work under pressure in order to meet the increasingly demanding requests of our clients.

From the most upscale hotel in Paris to large yachts sailing the Seven Seas, wherever we are engaged to deliver the most challenging project, we always listen, respond, and act like we’re back home. 

Our aftercare service will make sure that the installation will look spotless and perform impeccably. As we value repeat business and we aim for the client piece of mind, we always provide a full warranty on our products and installations.

A one-stop company driven by the most advanced methodologies with a constant commitment to improvement

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and ERP we improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce waste and guarantee timely delivery, every time. We take care of your project from the on-site surveys, 3D designs, prototypes, mock-ups to full industrialization. We support our clients all the way through to the finished product.

Every day since 1973 we have been committed to provide results that exceed even the most demanding clients’ needs.

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