The technologies

Cutting-edge technologies, for a wide range of services

Thanks to our artisanal experience and cutting-edge technologies, we work with a finest selection of exclusive materials, from wood to leather and from stone to innovative composites.


Wood-working technologies

We offer a unique array of specialized services, from veneer-matching to edge-banding, moulding and routing, manufacturing internally for small batches and large production runs.


Veneer matching

This process determines the aesthetic of the product and is one of the most delicate and complex techniques to reproduce. After careful quality controls, our expert technicians match and join the veneers, giving life to lines, patterns and geometric shapes. And each join is marked with its own ID number before going on to the next processing stage.


Batch-size-one manufacturing

A state of the art single-product, comprehensive, future-oriented solution is now installed in our factory for highly productive batch production and flexible batch-size-one manufacturing.

A solution for panel cutting, sizing and edge banding, CNC processing as well as handling and conveying of wood-based panel products depending on the requirements, ready for drilling and assembly, enabling us to match the most challenging deadline.


Slab processing

Stone and marble are back in their heyday that’s why we wanted to make sure any job can be made in house with bleeding edge technology. A line-up of six 7-axis-CNC-waterjet-cutting-machines with a pressure above 6000 bar, can shape and cut stone slabs and blocks. The finished result is already very smooth and ready for fine sanding. Polishing and waxing are then taken over by high output polishing lines. In case a permanent sealant is required, we offer our patented process to make sure that the lifetime guarantee is certified at origin.


Stone shaping

No product is like the other in the bespoke world of designer furniture. As we always strive to match the desires and tastes of our clients, we envisioned our technology as a powerful tool to make sure that this would happen even when the raw material is diverse by nature. As an example, every single table top is configured on a marble slab right where the client likes the veining the most. Bespoke as standard!


New technologies, traditional craftsmanship.

We source leathers from the most advanced tanneries which can guarantee the consistency of tanning, dyeing and finishing with minimal environmental impact and highest workers safety.

Laser cutting with CAD technology would then make the hides ready for our highly skilled artisans and their impeccable hand stitching. This is how the greatest attention to detail is specifically tailored to suit the tastes and requirements of our clients.

Metal, glass and composites

Technology integration

The increased complexity of the high end furniture where several materials have to be integrated was the driving force for S2 to integrate a diversified supply chain.

Being based in a regional cluster where core manufacturing is a commonplace, helped us to select and validate a remarkable number of suppliers, making sure that every assignment is carried out consistently in terms of quality and costing.


High performance finishing technologies

Most of the surface alteration processes were initially meant to change the appearance of the product or to give an additional protection for the everyday intended use. Such processes have been brought to an extent where the finish is now an integral part of the product itself, altering its aesthetical intent.
In line with our client requirements, we offer different finishes solutions:

  • a high-performance varnishing line, where the roller coating and curtain coating machines can work jointly or independently for maximum flexibility;
  • individual spray booths for ultra high quality jobs on complex shapes;
  • several robot units for repeated applications on curved shapes.